FLUORIDE: what your amateur doctor at the Council should have known before fluoridating you (as of 1990...since then it's got worse).


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www.nfl.si/how you get fluoridated - through sophistry, denial, and distraction.

www.nfl.si/st What can you actually believe?

www.nfl.si/calc Calculate your fluoride intake.

www.nfl.si/foi1001 The great UK fluoride air mystery.

https://is.gd/nyAZJH Twitter archive from banned account containing information about fluoride and Covid-19 first wave in 2020, mainly UK oriented.

www.nfl.si/merron Who refuses to get fluoridated?

www.nfl.si/foi100001 Introduction to fluorothink

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www.nfl.si/win The Winners of the 2019 Fluorothink Award.

www.nfl.si/stamps Vaguely PC-art capable? Fight attempts to fluoridate you with these snazzy logos.

www.nfl.si/ed A letter to your Editor in case he's an idiot.

www.nfl.si/ec Fluoride and the Brexit battle.

www.nfl.si/Loos The story of how people got fluoridated in a typical hick town.

www.nfl.si/f-bombs How as an immigrant to the typical hick pro-Brexit town I became the first member of the public to discover where the fluoride put in its population came from.

www.nfl.si/wom Fluorothink for women

www.nfl.si/wf Fluoridation as wire fraud (USA)

www.nfl.si/ca A question Alberta Health Services did not answer.

www.nfl.si/fluorothinkometer The Fluorothinkometer quantifies media bias on fluoride.







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https://is.gd/FFee7C #fluorothink hashtag search

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