Wire fraud in the use of the fiber network to transmit data to help Loveland Water and Power fluoridate people in Colorado, USA

A message to Brieana Reed-Harmel of Loveland Pulse, and Loveland Water and Power.

Reducing IQ is a bad thing, and cannot be balanced against tooth decay.


So it is somewhat convenient that the thing Loveland Water and Power say they are treating has neither.


In the event that fluoridating people is a bad thing Loveland Water and Power is to say that better people than them have said it is a good thing.


It's only the company's responsibility if it's a good thing, and that means fluoridating water, which cannot object, not people, who do.


Saying making the population stupid is a bad thing is a value judgement. It's not a bad thing for everyone. Different groups see things differently.


For instance, less intelligent people are much less bothered about reductions in community IQ.


And besides, population IQ depends on all sorts of things besides fluoride in the environment: your genes, sex, whether you are rich or poor and so on. So if you do get caught treating people and not water, there are still plenty of places to hide.


There are various aspects to the wider problems of fluoride in the environment and fake news, hidden from view. Loveland W&P want to think fluoride isn't industrial waste BECAUSE they're using it to treat water.


The problem is, they would think that, wouldn't they. Notice how the definition of fake news on fluoride is, basically, any evidence of fluoridating people. Ask yourself if anything is ever really that clear cut.






Wire fraud requires three elements.

A mail or wire communication
A scheme and Intent to defraud someone
A material deception.

The injury is loss of IQ and the concomitant loss of earning power, and the fraud is evident from the fact that water doesn't have any teeth, in contrast to the messaging from the company.

By repeatedly claiming to be fluoridating water and never admitting to be fluoridating people or anything else in the biome, Loveland W&P have elevated the category error and circular thinking of its supposed dental mission to the level of a defense.

Your defense is that you are treating water to help community teeth with a non-essential element, which appears from and disappears to nowhere, not increasing the body burden with a huge range of body-wide (and body-widening) biochemical effects at milligram daily doses, and that you are doing this without causing any physiological alteration in the consumer. One thing your defense certainly doesn't lack is simplicity.

And now the arguments for the prosecution.

Loveland Pulse has the wires, being the fiber, optical or copper networks over which data and instructions to and from the biome fluoridation machinery is sent and monitored. LWP probably have dedicated lines and I'm sure their fluoride dosing record is whiter than white.

By describing fluoridation as a water treatment, e.g. 18 times in the @reporterherald article Loveland Water and Power have tried, like many before them, to elude responsibility for their pharmacological intervention by denying it exists...by placing a distraction between the company and the consumer whose IQ has been lowered: water.


But water doesn't have any teeth. In fact the fallacies in your reasoning are banal and characterised by repetitive behaviour indicating the underlying discomfort people have as individuals about forcing fluoride on to and into people, which this faulty definition seeks to avoid.


From this you may observe how no individual is ever responsible for fluoridating you - only "entities". As with the Iraq War, Brexit, and the Capitol Riot, people join in support of fluoridation as a simple-minded, emotional herd, but leave - wiser - as individuals.


A definition engineered precisely for this purpose, we allege. We say water fluoridation's name is a lie and refuse to use it. Reputation is repetition, goes the advertising maxim.


You should be careful what you repeat - it defines which side you are on. Those who speak against "water fluoridation" are describing a thing which doesn't exist, except as a fig leaf, excuse, euphemism.


We say that "by" raising urinary fluoride levels in women you have deprived the water user of intellectual faculties and the concomitant economic potential to which they and their progeny were and will be entitled, satisfying the second legal element of wire fraud.


The final element, material deception, is Loveland's implied claim that there will be no non-dental effect, and no non-beneficial dental effect. It is implied by their statements that they are treating water and not people at all. It does not matter whether or not these effects are bad, simply pretending their non-existence is the very definition of medical fraud.


But the supervening deception by this group of people at Loveland Water and Power is the claim that they are doing nothing to anyone - only to water. This is merely a matter of psychological convenience, a means to deny the fraud.


The words "community" and "treatment" are also used misleadingly amid a lot of groupthink and general cant. The group is waiting to see who cracks first, who will admit that water doesn't have any teeth, with all the risks that involves. Or perhaps the whole group will suddenly chime in unison, "Why yes, this repetition of a falsehood in the paper does indeed sound like Doctor Goebbels"...who besides being a doctor of philology was a big fan of #fluorothink inventor Edward Bernays' teachings!


The fraud in this case is the misuse of language by Loveland Water and Power to describe fluoridation.


But note well that this misuse aligns neatly with the psychology of the individual to create a safe space for Loveland Water and Power staff to convince themselves they are doing a good thing, when in fact they are and have been reducing population intellect by an average of 1 IQ point per 0.2 mg/l gravid creatinine-adjusted urinary fluoride elevation.


See some of the endless examples of #fluorothink here and on Twitter. All criticisms of your fluoridatedness are as well-known as the inferiority of the non-Aryan races in the Germany of the 1930s, and Saddam's weapons of mass destruction in 2003.


I hope serious writers will take note of the #fluorothink fallacies embedded in these communications and equipment investments. These are the reasons why I think Loveland Water and Power's use of the Pulse fiber network and the Reporter Herald to control people fluoridation and biome fluoridation qualifies as wire fraud in the United States.



Julian Bohan 

Ptuj, 15 June 2021