Automatic voting machine: In 3063 House of Commons divisions Merrong voted against the Blair Party exactly 8 times.

Former Lincoln MP Gillian Merron would not take one milligram of fluoride, it has emerged.

At her regular surgery the MP was given the opportunity to take one of these pills, containing the same amount as one litre of the water used to treat Lincoln inhabitants.

The suggestion that she consume the pink tablet appeared to horrify Ms Merron.

She kept giving it back.

Lincoln's former Member of Parliament apparently accepted that the chemical was identical to that drunk by Lincoln voters every day.

She refused point blank to take it.

Apparently she will drink Lincoln's water. But she won't take fluoride in a form that she can see.

The two things are pretty much the same.  One milligram of fluoride is one milligram of fluoride, isn't it?

When pressed to explain her position she just giggled nervously and I was ushered out.

The fluoride-deficient MP for Lincoln from 1997 to 2010 spent most of it remote from her constituents, in unfluoridated London.

Lincoln's treatment began in 1970 after twenty City Councillors voted by a majority of one to give everybody fluoride, which is pollution from a local fertiliser factory.

Residents consume between 10 and 40 tablets a week, bottle-fed babies consuming up to 150 times more than breast-fed.

90% of the UK population are unfluoridated.  But...

Adding industrial waste to people does not reduce tooth decay, but does lower their intelligence, increase the incidence of lead poisoning and make their teeth look funny.

It would be fantastic to hear that Lincoln's new MP and nurse Karen Lee accepts our expert opinion on her fluoride deficiency.  

We hope a local journalist with 1mg will go to check this when not too busy churning out PR stories about RAF bombers as well as keeping up with ground-based routine mindless Lincoln violence.

As she represents 87,800 fluoridated people it would be fascinating to get Karen's feelings about our decision to top up her fluoride and observe her reaction when we do.

Back in the 1980s the only publicly available fluoridation map of the Lincoln Division was on paper.  And it was released not by Anglian Water, but by us. 

Anglian Water customers' fluoridatedness is now available online along with the further adventures of Gillian Merron

Be warned, though.  The average levels shown can easily conceal overfeeds.  Local spikes and seriously out-of-line readings might even be discounted for statistical purposes.

Anglian also says the treatment is for water, by which they hope to mislead both you and themselves.  Water doesn't have any teeth.