the Using the Fluorothinkometer to evaluate fluorothink bias in articles about fluoridating you.


Each occurrence of the items in the dirty blue "more fluorothink" section adds one point.

Points are subtracted for "less fluorothink" in the dirty pink section.

The Fluorothinkometer works with text, TV, radio, and live meetings.

Requires only attentiveness and simple arithmetic.

Hopefully you are not fluoridated already.

 Free to use.


The author of the example analysed here was trying to fluoridate people in Calgary, Alberta.

Check the Mk.12 version of Fluorothinkometer, with which anyone can play fluorothink bingo.

Articles that drone on and on can create high scores for the additive metric.

 A separate new bias by word volume % calculation addresses this inequity.

This reached 85.45% for current leader Australian Academy of Sciences.

Do you want fluoride in water and away from everything else and you?

If so, it is the high fluorothink articles you will want to read.



The latest version of the Fluorothinkometer

The highest scorer so far is the Australian Academy of Sciences