by Julian Bohan


The theory of fluoridation is that fluoridated people will get less tooth decay and are safe.

To understand this it is necessary to look at the amount of fluoride you consume.  Too much would definitely be poisonous, while not enough might not be effective against tooth decay.

To calculate a person’s daily fluoride intake, fluoride from various sources is added together:

Water  Air  Food  Dentifrices  Drugs

Now add up YOUR fluoride intake today in milligrams.

Before we see how much fluoride we need to add to your water to stop your teeth rotting, let's see how much you are getting from the other sources.

First work out your intake from the air.  Nearly 100% of inhaled airborne fluoride is absorbed.  So simply multiply the air fluoride concentration by your 24-hour respiration volume.  But remember to take into account any erratic occupational or environmental exposure.

When estimating the fluoride content of today’s meals remember that residues from fertilisers and pesticides, polluted air and (especially fluoridated) water can raise the fluoride content of many foods and drinks unpredictably.

Now add the amount of fluoride you received today from toothpaste, mouthwashes, tablets and topical treatments.

Finally calculate the fluoride absorbed from any tranquillizers, antidepressants or other drugs you are using.

So far, if you have been putting down your scores, you will have:

? + ? + ? + ?

representing your fluoride intake today from air, food, dentifrices and drugs.  The optimum concentration of fluoride in water - according to (generally anonymous) experts - is one milligram of fluoride in each litre of water.  Or 0.7 in North America. So if you drank one litre of water today, the optimum dose is one milligram.  If you drank three litres then it’s three milligrams, and so on.  Now add your intake from water today to the formula:

? + ? + ? + ? + ? = your intake today

Before World War Two, fluoride was poisonous at any dose.  But by the 1950s you would have had to drink 50 bathtubfuls of fluoridated water to be poisoned.(1)

In the 1960s there were three attempts to fluoridate people in Lincoln, England.  In 1963 Lincoln Medical Officer Dr S O'Hagan's scientific advice was that to be poisoned by fluoridated water a person would need to drink two bathtubfuls.(2)

By 1966 a Lincoln doctor's wife had discovered that the safe level had dropped to one bathtubful.(3)  My own study of the available literature(4) reveals that both average and median UK bath volumes lie in the 180-200 litre range.

In 1977 a report to the National Research Council of Canada carefully considered environmental exposure to fluoride.  The authors concluded that for an adult subject with healthy kidneys the maximum safe allowable intake was in the range 0.05 to 0.07 milligrams per kilogram body weight per day, or between 3.5 and 4.9 milligrams per day for a subject weighing 70 kilograms.(5)

The safe maximum therefore now ranged between 0.0175 and 0.0272 bathtubfuls, making fluoride 36 to 57 times more toxic than the Lincoln doctor's wife's estimate only eleven years earlier, and 1838 to 2857 times more poisonous than McClure's 1950s fluoride.

Then, in 1998, fluoride became even more toxic.  A study by Varner, Jensen and others(6) reported on the brain and kidney damaging effects in rats that were given fluoride in drinking water at 1 ppm, the same as the fluoridated Lincoln people are drinking.  

But it takes less fluoride in your bloodstream to achieve a given brain fluoride level than in the blood and brain of a rat.

The US Environmental Protection Agency Reference Dose is the daily dose that a person can receive over the long term with reasonable assurance of safety from adverse effects.

Application of this methodology to the Varner et al data leads to a Reference Dose for fluoride of 0.000007 milligrams per kilogram body weight per day.

So from 1998 onwards, drinking more than 0.00000004 (four hundred millionths) of a bathtubful of fluoridated water per day meant you were risking your neuronal or cerebrovascular integrity, even with zero intake from other sources.

Since the dawn of the internet, we have not heard much about bathtubs from the fluoridationists. The toxicity of fluoride in bathtubs in the pre- and post-bathtub PR era is illustrated.


Just 32 years after the last known statement (by the doctor's wife) to Lincoln City Council's patients on the toxicity of their treatment, fluoride had become 400,000,000 times more dangerous.

No wonder the union representing scientists at the USEPA filed a grievance, demanding that unfluoridated water be made available in their Washington HQ.(7)

Today, what is the safe dose of fluoridated water for you?

Multiply your weight in kilograms by 0.000007.

Then just subtract your total from air, food, dentifrices and drugs that you totted up earlier.

Your result is the number of litres of fluoridated water per day you can safely drink.



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(7) The EPA's role in the pollution story behind fluoridation


Note: Pre-war research showing that fluorine is toxic at any dose may be discovered or lost by scientists at any time.  Safe levels of protoplasmic poisons can go up as well as down.  No Councillors were harmed in this calculation of your toxic load, and no legal liability can or will be accepted or damages paid for free gifts of industrial waste to water consumers by any individual or organisation responsible for poisoning anybody whatsoever, especially anyone voting to chemically alter your children in utero.