Continuing my analysis of fluorothink in the media, which led to my discovery about the unscheduled fluoridation of 56,000 people in South Yorkshire.

Their main technique, appropriately enough, is muddling everything up.

 Once again I've edited some screenshots to point up their bad habits: audience misdirection, glaring fallacies and dubious segues.


Let's begin like fluoridated people did, in Grand Rapids, Michigan...



Two maps from Public Health England.

Both were released in 2014. Click for sources.

It's better for #fluorothink if people think they are fluoridated even when they aren't.

They are likely to be confused, more scared of making a fool of themselves, and less likely to put up a fight, should attempts be made to begin precipitating the waste into them in reality.

Weasel words join weasel boundaries in #fluorothink maps.



A similar blockwise map of Canada, exaggerating not only where people are fluoridated, but also where people are.
















The Kingstonist is having a poll about what somebody has decided the subject, and by implication the intended result, of the poll should be.

A sufficiently small sample and intense repetition will be needed to get anywhere near the 50.00001 per cent in favour required to fluoridate the other 49.99999 per cent and their dogs.

Polls that contrive to make those answering "no" to being fluoridated look and feel like idiots are an old fluorothink speciality and all part of the psychological campaign to manipulate the Council like any crowd.

At least this alleged survey doesn't ask "Do you think fluoride should be added to water to reduce tooth decay?" But it nevertheless asks about fluoridating the wrong thing.



Commonly, tame reporters are simply obeying the municipal fluorothink of a tame contact at the local council.

In Kingston, Ontario ()()()- population 136,685 - the subject of the debate the Council was supposed to be having on fluoridating the community biome was framed by Kate.

Kate's decision to fluoridate the Wrong Thing is entirely understandable as her superego would have difficulty handling the prospect of fluoridating anything else.

For Kate and her web page guy, drawing attention to their role in Kingston's (dozy plan for her genetic modification might harm her career and is for others to decide now they've done it.



Because it comes from the USA, fluorothink is the same around the world.




Gypsum ponds receive liquid and mineral fluoric wastes from phosphate fertilizer manufacture.

You won't see any ducks. Until they sediment full they emit dangerous HF and from time to time have "accidents".




Can you find any mention of fluoride in the Tampa Bay Times' coverage of the Mosaic sinkhole of 2016?

To avoid hurting fluoride's feelings - and reminding everyone they are drinking fertiliser factory effluent even without the accidents - fluoride is simply described as a "contaminant", £"polluted", "acidic runoff" and the like.



Meanwhile, in Queensland, Australia...



Illinois were pioneers in fluoridating people...



You can get to the originals via the links.



Blackrock-owned United Utilities (()(has much in common with Alabama's fluorothink belief system...



Mr Maas is a prominent fluoridation promoter of "maas medication"...












You can send examples of #fluorothink here for processing.




In fluoride heartland Florida the old ways cling on...



By 2019 fluoride stories had begun to cause problems for even the most hardened mainstream media health correspondents by not being about opponents like General Ripper and not even about tooth decay!

This, from Reuters Health, demonstrates the tricky art of defending fluoride's reputation when on the back foot. Good things are  "established".

Bad things that were discovered in the wrong order are ranked as conceptually ad grammatically diminutive.

Intelligence is not very important in America...the author has no opinion about not reducing it...maybe the pregnant lady should go for a trim, but maybe not!

And definitely always manyana...



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