Geo-legal factors in the unscheduled fluoridation of at least 56,000 people without consultation claimed by YHSHA 2009. A Boolean representation of the legal lacuna. 




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Here's what Yorkshire and The Humber Strategic Health Authority said back in 2009.

You might want to save this historic example of fluorothink, its internet days are numbered)))).



According to Yorkshire Water:


Why is the fluoridation of Severn Trent Water customers in Yorkshire important? Firstly, as the STSYV shows, they must have been fluoridated without the process of "public consultation" mentioned in Yorkshire Water's reply, and required by law.

More interestingly for me - as the outcomes of such public consultations are about as meaningful as the first Brexit referendum anyway - is what this reveals about the fluoride promoters' ethics, informational methods and motives, and slick tactics discussed in my FOI/EIR request

Fluoridation guy? Like the original Crusades, in practice immoral, unempathic, convinced he's doing a GOOD thing; that the heathens hurl rocks due to being an irrational mob, not for reasons he would value.

Not listening. Believes that winning at any cost, not the rules by which that is achieved, is what counts. 

He is infallible according to the only opinion that matters. Science? Apart from the science of crowd manipulation, not much, just the sciencey bit. There's a bit of him in many guys.

Remind you of anyone?

Ministers come and go. Sraight answers remain off the menu.



From 1 April 2013 Yorkshire and the Humber Strategic Health Authority were replaced by Clinical Commissioning Groups and the NHS Trust Development Authority. The latter was soon absorbed into NHS Improvement.

Though the 2009 Yorkshire Post article begins explaining how some [people in Yorkshire have already managed to get themselves fluoridated without so much as a by-your-leave, the topic inexplicably flips to how Airedale Primary Care |Trust and Kirklees Primary Care |Trust will push to fluoridate Yorkshire's remaining 99 per cent. 

PCTs have also gone the way of all government acronyms. Neither of these two were anywhere near the SYSTV area. 

Imagine your neighbour parks on your driveway. He won't move it. He says, just park yours next door too, and so on down the street.


S20 3GD - fluoridated without asking, Severn Trent Water 











  S26 4UN - not fluoridated, Yorkshire Water


Is it zealotry? Arrogance? YHSHA coolly announces the unannounced *(*fluoridation of 56,000 people after the fact, to spin the alleged need to fluoridate everyone else. 

They have rechristened an incursion as a happy accident, and the reason folks everywhere in Yorkshire should be fluoridated is because people in this part are. Because Yorkshire. Sciencey or what? It's a done deal, see?

Smooth operators that they are, you won't hear how every car wash in Cleckheaton, every bathtub in Batley, every hosepipe in Hull, and every femur in Foggathorpe would be requisitioned in the service of the industry whose fluoride emissions have just disappeared. Also without asking.

Nine years later, Yorkshire proper remains unpersuaded. We can see from one of Joy Warren's FOI requests that as of 2013 no Yorkshire councils were financially supportive of fluoridating people.


The lucky 56,000 are getting their treatment free from the faraway land of Coventry. Severn Trent Water are so concerned about fluoride agreements that they forgot to colour in their map of them:

Such a map - recommended by Yorkshire Water in its reply - lends itself to only two interpretations. 

Either there are no "agreement areas" - (in reality quite a probable state of affairs as areas are inanimate objects and. like water, incapable of agreeing to anything.

Or, being generous and accepting that white (light( does contain some blue, everywhere is agreeing. But I jest. In real life ST's customers are very blue.

We know no Yorkshire authorities have agreed. And we know they aren't paying. By not colouring in their map Severn Trent have avoided confronting the very thorny issue of which people are being chemically adjusted without a get-out-of-jail card.

Severn Trent's map is a map of the entire Severn Trent area. And we have the word of the Post and YHSHA, nor does either water company disagree, that 56,000 of South Yorkshire's almost-Southerners have been and are being affected. 


McDonalds S20 7JJ - fluoridated people and dinner, Severn Trent Water area 


5 minutes away: unfluoridated people and dinner - Elmwood Farm S20 7DJ, Yorkshire Water area


These people are SPECIAL! For legal reasons. The legal reason being that they who fluoridated these people might not be able to get away with it. 

Because wherever the blue areas on Severn Trent's map were meant to be - where local representatives can supposedly agree on behalf of everyone that they will have their serum ionic content of fluoride, orthosilicic acid, and other accompanying contaminants raised, without the council being blamed; and where water companies can go ahead and grant that wish, without being blamed; - if YHSHA's 2009 claim is true, the aforementioned 56,000 people cannot be, nor should be fluoridated, technical reasons or no technical reasons. 

Because they cannot be in a blue bit of the map if they are in Yorkshire. Honestly, just stop fluoridating those particular people already.

Because there are no agreements and therefore no indemnities in Yorkshire, these 56,000 fluoridated people CAN hold someone liable, for their childrens' fluorosis for example. 

And in my opinion they should, at the risk of DEFRA getting edgy and precipitating a battle to fluoridate their neighbours too.
















Draft Questions:

1. Per the announcement by Yorkshire and The Humber Strategic Health Authority in the Yorkshire Post of 2 August 2009, that 56,000 people in areas of Sheffield/South Yorkshire supplied by Severn Trent Water are being fluoridated due to an admixture of supplies: 

Which of these 56,000 live in  areas which have undergone public consultation on fluoridation of people under the Water Act 2013?

2. What are or were the "complexity" and "technical reasons" to which YHSHA refers in this Yorkshire Post article?

|3. Please su[[[pply copies of any contemporaneous {{[[[}correspondence from the (four months leading up to the article involving YHSHA or the named PCTs or the British Fluoridation Society, discussing ST's fluoridation across borders into the county of Yorkshire or the tactical role of that, as a springboard for fluoridating more people, as the Yorkshire Post article clearly suggests.

4. If the STSYV does not represent the relations between the elements accurately, how has ST been indemnified up to now against claims by customers not covered by local authority fluoridation agreements pursuant to the legislation? 


With the NHS rebranding exponentially away, Freedom of Information requests must reach the correct successor authority, which in this case might be the Sheffield CCG or NHS Improvement. Or neither.

To find out who is responsible for inheriting the YHSHA's FOI/EIR  questions I asked the Information Commissioner's Office on Sept 7 2018.



On 9 October 2018 NHS England acknowledged recei[pt of the request with reference FOI-057536.