Winner of the Fluorothink Awards for 2019.

The winner is ABC Australia,

for their consistently one-sided

non-coverage of fluoride neuroscience.


The article that took the Award.




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About the Fluorothink Awards

This is an annual Award for pro-fluoridation

journalistic slant.

Anyone can submit entries, annotated or not.

If you suspect an article of fluorothink,

we can annotate it for you.

Or you can do it yourself

- with or without the fluorothink stamps.

The winner receives free publicity,

along with the Fluorothink Award trophy,

affectionately known as The Biscuit.

Here's The Biscuit pictured on display in the

Fluorothink Hall of Iatrogenic Dogmas.



At the moment the Fluorothink Awards are virtual.

Which seems a little impersonal.

So if you are near ABC HQ in Ultimo and

would be able to present The Biscuit in person, with

media coverage, and feel plucky,

get in touch with the organiser to arrange shipment.