With piranhas now being caught in the River Drava in countries both north and south of Slovenia, is Ptuj's highly aromatic chicken factory safe?

Riparian owners report the flesh-eating beasties are closing in on Perutnina Ptuj.  Its emissions of pyrazines are attracting them by making the birds nervous. 

After acquiring a taste for the meat from picnic scraps and bones used as angling bait, the deadly predators could  quickly evolve into a gigantic new breed of chicken-crazed fish, possibly called the Poli Piranha. 

A large shoal of mutant pyrazine-provoked Poli Piranha would quickly drag the entire poultry plant into Ptujsko Jezero where it would disappear beneath the boiling waves in a thrashing of fangs, feathers, and presumably quite a lot of bubbles.

Piranhas originate from Piran.

Slovenian piščopiranhologist Dušan Turd said "This environmentally and socially responsible factory should be moved well away for its own protection.  My uncle has a firm."


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